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Veranstaltungen (04. Juli 2019)

2019 Global Summit of Women

The 2018 Global Summit of Women brought 1,250 women leaders in business and government from 65 countries to Sydney, Australia this past April for three days of active networking, robust discussion, inspiring presentations, and a focus on solutions and skills-building – all to enhance women’s economic progress globally. With energy, passion, and an over-riding commitment to advancing women, the delegates experienced the immense possibilities resulting from a vibrant gathering of women leaders from all industries, sectors, and parts of the world.

We would like to invite you and your members to be a part of this 29-year-old business/economic forum for women at its 2019 global gathering hosted by Switzerland from July 4-6th at the Basel Congress Centre.

As it has done annually since 1990, the Global Summit of Women will focus on creative solutions and best practices for increasing women’s economic opportunities in every corner of the world. The Summit’s reputation as the foremost international business/economic forum for women will be on display in Switzerland with delegations of women entrepreneurial and corporate leaders from countries as diverse as China, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam, France, Mexico and Kazakhstan, among others. It would be our pleasure and honor to have your organization join these delegations as a Global Member or International Partner.

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