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kompetenzz. ist An-Institut der Fachhochschule Bielefeld

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English Information

Shaping Technologiy - Making Equal Opportunities A Reality

The main objective of the non-profit organisation Competence Center Technology-Diversity-Equal Chances is to actively help shape Germany's path towards becoming an information- and knowledge-based society. To this end, it develops and carries out a wide range of initiatives and projects that exploit the potential of women as well as men to make equal opportunity a reality in all spheres of society and work.

The strategy of equal opportunity presupposes recognition of people's diversity, their varied biographies, lifestyles and capabilities and promotes the development of the potential and opportunities this diversity entails. It uses diversity as a success factor in achieving gender and generational equality in social development.

Digital Integration

Training, Further Education and Careers

Higher Education, Science and Research

  • to strengthen media literacy and increase Internet use,
  • to foster new ways of thinking about career orientation and life planning,
  • to promote equal opportunity and excellence in higher education, science and research.

To accomplish those goals, the organisation offers the following services

  • Target-group oriented project and campaign development
  • Event and project management
  • Studies and expert opinions
  • Consulting and benchmarking
  • Development of course and training concepts
  • Networking

Organisation members

German Federal Employment Agency, Cisco Systems, DAB Deutscher Akademikerinnenbund (German Federation of University Women), Deutsche Telekom, dib e.V - Deutscher Ingenieurinnenbund (German Association of Women Engineers), Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences , Research Centre Jülich, Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligence Systems / AIS, Fraunhofer Society (Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research), GI - Gesellschaft für Informatik (Society for Information Technology), International Networking for Educational Transformation (iNet) , Initiative D21, Piona Point e.V. Netzwerk genderorientierte IT-Weiterbildung (Network for the promotion of gender-oriented advanced IT education), VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies, VDI Association of German Engineers, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, ver.di National Administration, and others.

Reference projects

National Pact for Women in MINT-Careers „Go-MINT“, Network Gender-UseIT - Job-Chance-Internet. Women design Future, Excellence and Power in ICT, Women to Web, Gender Activities in Informatics Year, Gender Networking - Technology connects, Girls' Day - future prospects for girls, University Award - Get the Best - Nationwide training project for girls - idee_it - New Paths for Boys - Expanding Future Opportunities in Work and Family Life, Online-Year 50plus - Internet connects - ProICT - Promoting ICT to Female Students - Boys'Day - future prospects for boys

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